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Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service

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Support for professionals

In this section, you will find tools, resources, leaflets, and referral forms for use if you are working with someone who is experiencing domestic abuse. We can support you through working with someone experiencing domestic abuse. Call us on 01452 726 561 if you would like more information.

Domestic abuse and COVID-19

Domestic abuse and COVID-19

GP Development Workers (GPDWs)

GDASS employ three GP Development Workers who are working across all 81 GP Surgeries in Gloucestershire to improve Domestic Abuse early identification and risk assessing.

The GPDWs support GP surgeries to identify a domestic abuse champion who receives specialist training to support their surgery to deal with domestic abuse disclosures. The GPDW will support the champion to promote referrals to GDASS and putting in effective support for victims of domestic abuse. The GPDWs offer support and training to surgeries and support them to become safe spaces for disclosures of domestic abuse.

Useful resources for GP surgeries

Have patience for patients handbook

GDASS poster pack

What we offer (digital flyer)

Identifying coercive control and how to help (digital flyer)

Online training

Domestic abuse training presentation

Domestic abuse and complex needs training presentation

For other useful tools for use with patients, see below.

The GP Development Team sends out a bi-monthly Health Professionals and Domestic Abuse newsletter to share relevant information, learning events, and more! Click here to sign up.

Useful tools

Power and Control Wheel

Equalities Wheel

Biderman’s Chart of Coercion

The Chart of Coercion is a tool created to outline coercive control behaviours. It was originally designed to demonstrate the abusive tactics used to break the will of prisoners of war.

Cycle of Abuse Checklist (Czech)

Cycle of Abuse Checklist (Gujarati)

Cycle of Abuse Checklist (Polish)

Cycle of Abuse Checklist (Slovak)

Cycle of Abuse Checklist (Urdu)

Safety advice

Staying safe at home

Staying safe if you have recently left your property

Staying safe online

Packing an emergency bag

Safety plans

Adult Safety Plan

Teen Safety Plan

Individual Safety Plan (Czech)

Individual Safety Plan (Gujarati)

Individual Safety Plan (Polish)

Individual Safety Plan (Slovak)

Individual Safety Plan (Urdu)

Assessing risk


DASH Completion Guide

Young People’s DASH Form

Young People’s DASH Completion Guide

For advice and information on referring to MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) please see here.

Stalking logs

Stalking incident and behaviour log (Digital)

Stalking incident and behaviour log (Print)


GDASS offers bespoke training for agencies. If you would like to talk to us about what we offer, please contact us at

Professionals Line: 01452 726 561