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Coronavirus update

Due to recent government advice to work from home, our office is closed until further notice. Our helpdesk line has been redirected and will be extremely busy. We ask that you contact us by completing our online referral form.

Always call 999 if it's an emergency or you're in immediate danger.

Group work referral form

We cannot guarantee a place on the course until GDASS have reviewed all of the referrals to ensure that the group is suitable for all. If your client is not offered a place on the course we will discuss their options around support which may be more suitable to meeting their needs. Please be aware the referral cannot proceed if information on this form is not complete. If you have any questions, contact us on 01452 726570 or email


The Phoenix Programme – for women who are no longer experiencing domestic abuse.

Breathe – for women currently living with an abusive partner, and those who have left abusive partners.


Details of the person making the referral:


Details of the person being referred:

Alleged perpetrator

Details of the alleged perpetrator:


Details about the client's first child:

Details about the client's second child:

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Details about the client's fourth child:

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Details about the history of abuse: