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Gloucestershire Domestic Abuse Support Service

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Group work programmes

We offer a number of group work programmes, completely free of charge.

Six Steps to Domestic Abuse Insight

We run online and in person groups for this programme.

Course Length

6 weeks

Who Can Attend

We run separate groups for women and men who are survivors of abuse. Referrals for the online programme will only be considered for those no longer in an abusive relationship.

When attending the course online, please ensure you have access to a good internet connection. It is also essential that no other adults and children are present in the home at the time of the group.

Course overview

The programme provides an understanding of domestic abuse and helps women and men to develop their abilities and increase their confidence and self-awareness after leaving an abusive relationship.

Topics covered include:

  • Safety
  • What is domestic abuse – the dynamics, power and control
  • The cycle of abuse, why it is hard to leave and who is responsible
  • Impact of domestic abuse on children, supporting them to recover
  • Understanding feelings, assertiveness, boundaries
  • Healthy relationships, including warning signs


Course length

9 weeks

Who can attend?

Breathe is available to women only.

Referrals will be considered for women currently living with an abusive partner, and those who have left abusive partners.

Course overview

Breathe stands for Boundaries, Respect, Empowerment, Awareness, Taking Control, Honouring Resistance and Education.

  • Session 1: Introduction to the programme, focusing on safety planning
  • Session 2: The definition and dynamics of domestic abuse
  • Session 3: The impact of domestic abuse
  • Session 4: The impact of domestic abuse on children
  • Session 5: Understanding our emotions
  • Session 6: Self-esteem
  • Session 7: Moving on, managing our emotions
  • Session 8: Boundaries and assertiveness
  • Session 9: Healthy relationships including warning signs of an abusive relationship