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Group work programmes

We offer a number of group work programmes, completely free of charge.

The Phoenix Programme

Course length

10 weeks

Who can attend?

The Phoenix Programme is available to women only.

Referrals will only be considered for women who are no longer experiencing domestic abuse.

Course overview

The programme asks participants to retrospectively explore their individual experiences of domestic abuse and their response to this.

The topics are covered:

  • The dynamics of abuse
  • Life without abuse
  • Knowing and recognising abuse
  • Working with the effects of abuse
  • Personal Power
  • Relating to others
  • Assertiveness
  • Moving on

The Phoenix Programme provides an understanding of domestic abuse and helps women to develop their abilities and increase their confidence and self-awareness.


Course length

12 weeks

Who can attend?

Breathe is available to women only.

Referrals will be considered for women currently living with an abusive partner, and those who have left abusive partners.

Course overview

Breathe stands for Boundaries, Respect, Empowerment, Awareness, Taking Control, Honouring Resistance and Education. The Unicorn symbolises power, healing, wisdom and renewal and therefore symbolises the ethos of the programme.

  • Session 1: Introduction To The Programme, focusing on Safety Planning
  • Session 2: The Definition and Dynamics Of Domestic Abuse
  • Session 3: Child Contact Arrangements / Obtaining Protection Orders
  • Session 4: The Impact Of Domestic Abuse
  • Session 5: The Impact Of Domestic Abuse On Children
  • Session 6: Understanding Trauma
  • Session 7: Self Esteem
  • Session 8: Self Esteem Part 2
  • Session 9: Moving On (Managing Negative Emotions, Grief, Guilt, Shame, Fear, Anxiety, and Anger)
  • Session 10: Setting Boundaries
  • Session 11: Assertiveness
  • Session 12: Healthy Relationships Including The Warning Signs Of Abusive Behaviour.